Jantiena FieyraJantiena Fieyra, the graceful host of European Royalty & Nobility with Jantiena Fieyra, is of Dutch descent and is multilingual.

Having received her business education in Europe as well as in the USA, Jantiena has flourished with years of international public relations and marketing experience and is the Co-Founder of “International Consultants Organization”and Founder of CarpediemWorldwideMedia.com.

Throughout the years, Jantiena has developed many alliances worldwide with presidents, ambassadors, top military officials, celebrities and executives.

Now Jantiena brings you into the world of Europe’s royal families. She will show you all about the families, their lives, where they live and what they do.


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  • May 14, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    wow you are so beautiful and i like your elegance and style.


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