As honorary president of platform Wiser in money matters, Queen Máxima attended a financial class during Money Week 2015. The class is taught by staff from accounting and consulting firm Deloitte to primary school students from the grades 7 and 8 from Amsterdam. The lesson is designed to teach children good money skills. Queen Máxima is accompanied by Secretary Klijnsma of Social Affairs and Employment.

During the financial event, 130 children are presented with a selection of questions from the ‘National Money Exam. This exam is an initiative of the Deloitte Fair Chance Foundation in collaboration with Nibud and Publisher Zwijsen. The questions in the money exam teach children the difference between borrowing and saving, how to plan their expenditure, watch commercials with a critical eye and pay securely with pin and over the internet. Queen Máxima and Secretary Klijnsma take part of the lesson. In addition, they talk among others with the students about their experiences with the money.

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