Queen Maxima awarded the Prince Bernhard Culture Prize for 2015 to architect Francine Houben in the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam. The Prince Bernhard Culture Prize is a 150,000 euro annual award handed out by the Prince Berhnhard Culture Fund to a person or institution with a strong track record in terms of culture and nature in the Netherlands.

Francine Houben is a Dutch architect, founding partner and creative director of Mecanoo architected. According to the fund, Mrs. Houben received the award due to her “decades long rack record as a leading international architect.”

The Prince Bernhard Cultural Prize is awarded to individuals or institutions that have made success in the field of music, theater, dance, visual arts, history, literature, heritage, cultural or nature conservation. The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund was created in London in 1940 by Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Juliana.

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