King Felipe and Queen Letizia responded to the call of the national and international media to pose with their daughters at Marivent Palace. It was the first time in a long time that the royal family could be photographed.

The Spanish king against expectations have not participated in the sailing competitions for the so-called Copa del Rey, the King Cup. The political situation in Catalonia, where the state prime minister is about to hold elections, has taken all the attention of the king.

The King came to have a look at the Real Club Nautico de Palma, where the first regattas were prepared. President Javier Sanz had previously confirmed that Felipe this year would participate in the battle sail.

“He is a seaman, a sailor, closely associated with Palma and we are proud of his participation,” said Sanz during a press conference where he participants for the 34th edition. The number of participants this year is bigger than ever, says Sanz: 1500 sailors on 140 boats from 23 countries.

Felipe sails along on the Corel 45 ‘Aifos’ (Sofia backwards), which he has sailed often. The expectation was that the king as in the past would not participate everyday. His father Juan Carlos has due to his health already stopped a few years ago and no longer has his sailing boat.

Felipe is a keen sailor. In 1992 he was a member of the Spanish sailing team at the Olympics in Barcelona. He got his love of the sport from his family. Father Juan Carlos was in 1960 a member of the national sailing team at the Summer Olympics in Rome. Mother Sofia that year was a reserve for the Greek sailing team while her brother Constantine of Greece won gold.

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